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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

Hi, just wanna share to you something (yang dah lepas & dah lama pendam)

You can't just came into someone's life making them feel special and then you just gone. Especially w/o reason It hurts them

I'm so impress on how some people can make you feel special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today so fast.
God did not give you the strength to get backon your feet so that you can run back to the same thing that knocked you down

Be strong and move on. It's time.

Kalau orang tak mampu keep kita, buat apa kita nak stay? I learn from people. I'm a human. Not a tree

You can't make other people shut up when you are the one who opens their mouth and talk about you

Never doubt the millions of things a single dua can change or help to achieve.

For everything you lose there is a replacement. But for Allah, if you lose Him there is no replacement.

The minute you feel like you cant take it any more, go spend a little time with Allah, talk to Him in your prayers, He hears every word.

Two things to remember in life; Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people.

Even the nicest people have their limits.

At times when things are difficult & not going to plan just raise your hand & make a dua from your heart to the one who is All Powerful.

Just because i don't react, doesn't mean i didn't notice.

Any good apology has three parts: 1) I'm sorry. 2) It's my fault. 3) What can I do to make it right? Most people forget the third part.

When you can't put your prayers into words, Allah hears your heart.

Baaaaanyak lagi benda nak share. But I think all of these enough kot.

Yes, I was (__). I know, it was the stupidest thing ive ever felt. I sendiri tak jangka benda ni could happened. Sorry, i cant control my emotions @ feelings (Yes, ingat aku nak ke letak harapan kat orang ni? Ingat nak ke ada perasaan kat orang ni? Ingat boleh control ke aku nak suka ke tak? Ive my own priorities la)

Ive my own reasons why i dont do confession, i know my condition, i know my kedudukan, i know my qualities.

It is totally nooooooot worth it (and still the stupidest thing) if i confess awal-awal. Obv, i want to focus on my studies and families, (also my future)

Yes, betul cakap mereka-mereka. I like to pendam perasaan (also mengalah and lantakkan je orang lain nak masuk [even aku yang sakit sendiri 'huhuhuhu']
I tak reti nak luahkan perasaan.
Ive some trust issues.
I always tak confident dengan diri sendiri.
I always bottle up my feelings (yang ni taktahulah dah berapa ramai yang cakap ceni)

But you need to know that, im human being. I also ada perasaan.

Im okay, but inside my head, the truth izzz i was mentally abused (hm acahnya) (u dont know how much ive killed ppl in my mind)

Tipulah kalau kata I tak sakit tengok that situation. 
The situation when I started kena ignore. 
When I felt that 'oh, dia dah ada orang baru'
When I thought that 'oh, you dont need me anymore'
When I saw that 'oh, you nampak sangat bahagia dengan dia'
When I hoped that 'Takpe....... Just pull yourself together'
Its okay.
I tried to not to get mad or whatsoever, because it is your right. 
And I takde hak apa pun.
Yes, dia hebat lagi daripada I. Jagalah dia elok-elok :)

(The funniest thing is, i taktahu macam mana i boleh tahan nak pendam, then suddenly i burst teruk in front of someone leuwls)

Sorry sorry sorry for being freaking stupid.
Sorry because I was such a crybaby.
Sorry I may be a burden to all of you.
Sorry I cant even control myself.
Sorry, im not cool anymore
Sorry things are getting awkward 

I hope i can get rid this feelings, but i just cant.

Just go on with your life. Im healing myself.
Give me some time. 

Please, if no, say no. (Also, im stil wondering why you................?) 
Jangan buat benda yang sama kat orang lain. Please jangan sakitkan orang lain, jangan buat orang lain rasa sama macam apa yang i rasa. They thought they are special but actually they arent. (Me sorang je kot rasa camtu, ntah, cepat perasan, siapa suruh)

Also, this matter, bukan salah sesiapa. Its my own fault. Im truly sorry. Hope everyone is okay with that. (Small matter maa)

Thank you kepada yang tolong tadahkan air mata i (yes i know it was stupid) (my first time lol bodoh gila perangai)
Thank you yang dengar i bebel lepastu ntah tetiba nangis (lol lagi)
Thank you kepada yang tak putus asa nasihatkan i :)
Thank you kepada yang sabar dengan kerenah i :)
Thank you yang selalu motivate i, even dari jauh, even sekadar di socs media, 
[ yes, i read that :) ]
Thank you for telling me that it was okay to cry because of this stupid thing :)
Thank you sebab ajar dunia ni menyakitkan :)
Thank you sebab tunjuk yang dunia ni banyak lagi fasa nak kena tempuh :)
Thank you, for everything, to all of you :)

Spread love, no hate ;)

May God bless all of us.


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